Services and Products

Installation and Maintenance

We are experts in the assembly and maintenance of hydroelectric equipment, on site and in our Customers’ workshop, with the execution of tests and inspections, all performed by our staff, our equipment and control instruments which are permanently updated and calibrated. We perform installations and maintenances of turbines, generators, penstocks, various valves, gates, steel structures, hydraulic power units, cooling systems, and much more …

Design and Engineering

We are experienced in designing equipment for the production of hydroelectric power production (valves, penstocks, gates, various steel structures, hydraulic and cooling systems, etc ...) and we have an integrated technical office able to provide calculation notes, technical specifications, Lay-out, executive drawings, assembly procedures, construction and assembly files, technical sheets for CE marking, list of materials, etc.


We manufacture hydromechanical and supply equipment based on our own designs or those of our Customers. The numerous skills of our staff and the collaboration with qualified partners, allow us to manufacturing what has been designed in compliance with the highest quality standards.

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